As a former architect/interior designer and full-time painter and art teacher, John B. Winterbottom has a wide range of artistic interests. Some of his areas of interest include:

  • Architecture. Simple, rustic architecture, such as barns, cabins, and traditional homes, are frequent subjects of John’s paintings.
  • Winter. Nothing is as beautiful as a landscape covered in soft, quiet snow.
  • Water. Pennsylvania is home to a lot of beautiful coastline and dozens of gorgeous bodies of water, themes that frequently permeate John’s paintings.

Though he loves his home in Bucks County — a home that was designed by early 1900’s impressionist painter Richard Wedderspoon — he frequently travels up and down the East coast, from Florida to Maine, to visit the locales that give him inspiration. This enriches his life and contributes to his primary goal as an artist: to help the viewer feel the light.

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Hand-painted artwork has a timeless appeal that can fit into any home or business. A painting is one of the best ways to add a touch of class to any room, and the tactile brush strokes and depth of color found on a hand-painted original mean you’ll never tire of examining the nuances of the painting. And the best way to get original artwork in your home is to commission an experienced artist to create a painting that matches your vision.

John B. Winterbottom is a talented artist who accepts custom painting commissions. Located in Bucks County, PA, John is inspired by local landscapes, the majesty of nature, and impressionist artists like Van Gogh and Monet. If you want a custom painting that you can pass down for generations, John B. Winterbottom is ready to make your vision a reality.

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“Feel the light” within my paintings